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Motorcycle Insurance

Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Driving a motorcycle increases the risk of accidents. This is the primary reason why bike owners need motorcycle insurance. It is important for bike owners to make sure they have coverage for themselves and their bikes.

Available coverage for motorcycle owners is similar to car insurance coverage, but created specifically for motorcycles.

This type of insurance usually covers bodily injury and property damage liability. It pays the benefit if the policyholder is at fault for an accident. Uninsured/underinsured coverage pays for injuries, damages and medical payments when the at-fault party is not insured. In most cases, the policy medical payment portion covers medical care received as a result of a motorcycle accident.

The insurance company might allow you to add additional coverage to the policy to fit your needs. Among the add-ons is coverage for custom parts that your bike has, towing and labor costs, off-road vehicle transport trailer damage and roadside assistance. The insurance company will let you choose coverage limits and tailor the policy to meet your budget.

Another feature of motorcycle insurance is that some policies are tailored for specific types of bike. Included would be traditional motorcycles and ATVs, cruisers, limited production cruisers, street sport bikes and more.