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Accident Insurance

Do You Need Accident Insurance?

Although accidents are always unexpected, they actually happen quite often. It’s good to have the protection of insurance in case of an incident. Worker’s compensation is coverage that most companies are required by law to provide. It’s for injuries that occur on the job, but there are things this insurance does not cover.

Off-site or off-duty injuries, pain and suffering, and a few other expenses are not covered by worker’s compensation. An accident insurance policy provides financial assistance during these previously mentioned occasions.

Accident insurance is good in many situations. It compensates you for medical expenses and emergency room visits. Transportation to medical facilities and other out of pocket costs are covered as well.

Several options are available with varying premiums. High-limit accident policies are available for people at higher risk of being in an accident. This group includes people like pilots, firefighters, climbers and even the elderly. There are also policies that pay benefits to your family in the event of death, compensate you for permanent disability or temporary disability. You are normally reimbursed in cash, and depending on the plan, you choose the medical facility or doctor of your choice.

An accident insurance policy is certainly good to have when you need it. Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not a good plan. Contact an insurance advisor to learn more about accident insurance policies. It is simple, easy and free to get a quote.