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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is Useful for Businesses

A business owner with a fleet of vehicles should consider commercial auto insurance. The coverage protects your organization from financial liability. This comes in handy in the event of an incident that causes injury or property damage.

If you own a business that uses drivers for delivery or transportation, then you are required to have commercial liability insurance. A commercial driver may need commercial vehicle insurance to protect them if fined or sued. You should speak with an insurance agent to learn exactly what type of auto insurance your business needs.

Commercial auto insurance policies include uninsured motorist, liability, under-insured motorist, comprehensive, and collision protection.

Uninsured and underinsured insurance is to protect you financially if an accident happens with a driver who is uninsured or underinsured. It protects you from paying for repairs or medical bills out of pocket. Comprehensive insurance covers the cost of damages from theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and general weather conditions. Collision insurance pays for damages caused by a collision, and nothing else.

The main benefit of commercial auto insurance is it provides financial security for businesses. This policy obligates your insurance company to become responsible for covering expenses to repair damaged vehicles. The insurance company also pays for claims against you by plaintiffs. Contact a local insurance agent to learn more about commercial auto insurance.